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Urgestein des AFT


Sonntag, 11. Juli 2004, 17:48

Project KD1

Codename/Working Title: Project KD Begin 11/2002
AMV Title: InSANAity Live!
Produced by Team [ADL] &
Celes no Video [CNV] for the Connichi2003

Production Notes

Working Time: ca.150hours
First AMV of MAGI
The Second Try of Celes
Project Status: 97% (Second Final Editing)

We hope you all like our first try !!

#ADL Team Staff#

Alexander Feierabend [MAGI]
Florian Schuhrk [Celes]
Victoria Mattiat [V-Chan]
Kai Bierbrauer [cedalvin]

Directed by

Produced and encoded by

Support by

#DOS Prompt & Opening Part#

Edited by

Audio Remix by
Celes & MAGI

#Karaoke Part#

Directed & Edited by

Karaoke Timing by

DDR Implementation by

Karaoke Script


#Video Scenes#

Initial D First Stage & Exciting Special
Excel Saga
Ushio & Tora
Maze-The Mega Burst Space
Record of Lodoss War TV
Kodomo no Omocha



CNV Animation by Celes
ADL Animation by cedalvin
DDR Animation from the PS Game



Ed Theme from Maze - The Mega Burst Space
Performed by Kaori 2 LUV
Remix by MAGI,Celes & V-Chan

Don't Stop the Music from the Initial D OST
Heartbeat from the Initial D OST
The Race by Captian Jack from the DDR 3rd Mix
edited by MAGI

Initial D Hyper Mega Mix
ICQ Messenger


other INFOs

The Connichi is the biggest non Commercial Anime & Japanese Entertainment Convention in Germany

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Download Project KD1